XLQ Hybrid

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With solid rubber wheels the vibration dampening of the ski is mainly a function of the shaft construction and the design of the wheel forks. For roller skis that have pneumatic tires, the primary vibration dampening is the tire and there is no need to use the more expensive vibration dampening shafts.


Better vibration  dampening: Better than wood, better than aluminum, better than carbon with a wood core and better than carbon with a foam core. The XLQ98, XLQ900, XLQ940C skis use vibration dampening shafts and vibration dampening composite wheel forks. For additional damping we also mount the forks to the shaft with a thick, vibration dampening, high strength adhesive tape made by 3M. This tape is similar to the 3M tape that s used to mount windows in skyscrapers. The XLQ skis use five different vibration dampening materials, including closed cell foam inside the hybrid shaft. The result is a ski that users have told us has the most snow like feel of any roller ski.

Lighter: The wheels are the heaviest part of a roller ski. XLQ shafts are almost 100 grams lighter per pair than V2's previous very light carbon construction.

Full fenders: The XLQ98, 940C and 900 use composite forks that have fully enclosed fenders, but they can still accept Speed Reducers and Brakes.

Dimensionally more stable: Dimensionally more accurate than wood based or carbon composite skis.

Better for the environment: There are fewer harsh chemicals involved than in making the carbon composite skis.















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