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We arrived in Sweden yesterday. Felt really good after the long flight to hit the all-purpose trail that starts near the apartment. It’s probably the nicest trail I have ever jogged on. It’s perfectly groomed and about 10 feet wide. About every two kilometers there are exercise stations. Some hills are easy, some steep, some short and some long. Since it was 2 AM US time, when we went out on the path this morning, did not jog just walked after the long flight and very little sleep. Feels really good to be back in Sweden and after the loss of Robin Molis needed to get away from work.


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A Swedish Professor recently reviewed a very large number of studies on memory improvement and the overwhelming evidence is that aerobic physical exercise is far superior to any other form of memory improvement exercises. Regular aerobic exercise boosts the size of the hippocampus, the brain area involved in memory and learning. Resistance training, balance and muscle toning exercises did not enlarge the hippocampus in the same manner. Aerobic exercise dramatically increased the blood flow in the hippocampus and produced new blood vessels and new brain cells. After reviewing the research the Professor suggested that all people should try to elevate their hart rate by aerobic exercise for half an hour three times a week to prevent memory loss.

The Harvard Health Newsletter recently had an article saying the same thing. Everyone knows that aerobic exercise is good for your general health, but now studies show that it’s also one of the best ways for people to prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s.


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It is with deep sadness that we must share the news that our beloved coworker Robin Molis passed away suddenly on July 16, 2016.  Robin worked at Jenex for over 22 years.  She had an incredible work ethic.  She was a consummate professional and developed wonderful customer service.  She was our friend , sometimes our 'mother', and always in control.    Her untimely death leaves a hole here that we will never quite fill.  Our sympathies and thoughts are with her family during this time of mourning: her husband of almost 39 years, David Molis; her son Justin and his wife Yen Su; her mother Constance Hamel,  her brother James Hamel and his wife Kim.



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In the late 80’s I worked with a Professor at MIT who got me very interested in statistics. As a result I now analyze just about everything statistically. One thing the Professor taught me was to make sure I did not look at just raw data. Raw data can be very misleading unless you compare it to things like per capita. You need to dissect the data with a very sharp knife. With the entire world involved in crap political speeches I have been evaluating crime rates in United States. THE TRUTH IS THAT SERIOUS CRIMES, SUCH AS MURDER, HAVE BEEN DECLINING IN THE US.  Of the top ten affluent and high technology countries United States has the highest crime rate, but the bottom line is that violent crime and the killing of Police Officers was at an all time low in the last three years. What has increased dramatically in the last 50 years are property losses due to natural hazards. The climate change is producing more tornadoes as well as more flooding and drought. The storms are both more violent and more frequent.  WE ARE NOW A COUNTRY WITH LESS CRIME THAN IN THE 70'S, 80'S, AND 90'S.   Listed below are the indisputable facts that prove this.


1960 =5.1, 1970 = 7.9, 1980 = 10.2, 1990 = 9.4, 2000 = 5.5, 2010 = 4.8, 2014 = 4.5


1965 = 4.6, 1970 = 7.9, 1980 = 12.7, 1990 = 14.5, 2000 = 5.0, 2010 = 4.5, 2014 = 3.1


 1960 = 7.22, 1970 = 10.84, 1980 = 9.2, 1990 = 6.45, 2000 = 5.76, 2010 = 5.21, 2013 = 3.45,

 2014 = 3.83, 2015 = 3.84

The largest number of Police Officers killed in the US was 304 in 1930 and 280 in 1974. In 1974 the US population was only 211 million, one hundred million less than today. THE LOWEST NUMBER OF POLICE OFFICERS KILLED IN THE LAST 50 YEARS WAS 109 IN 2013.


Kris Freeman on the second generation XLQ roller skis.

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Our website has not been up to snuff for a long time. We finally have the latest software and hope to begin upgrading our website. Yesterday received the following e-mail from the 17 time US National Champion and the only North American skier to win the World Championship in the U23 Category in cross country skiing.

Hi Len,

I received the latest generation 900 series classic skis from you a few weeks ago.  I am really enjoying the new layup which seems to dampen vibration just as well as the previous model while having a livelier and more energetic feel.  The brake has also been a welcome addition as it has opened up new terrain and possible routes for me.  I have double poled up and over the Moosilaukee Highway in both directions now with no worries about the descent.  Thanks for the great product!  Kris Freeman  



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