Charlotte Kalla

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XC Skiing is hot in Sweden. Read an article in a Swedish paper today that said interest in XC skiing has never been this high before. The last two years snow conditions have been quite good and people that had not paid much attention to XC skiing were out XC skiing again. According to Sweden’s largest newspaper the reason is not Johan Olsson or Marcus Hellner, but Charlotte Kalla.

The renewed interest in a sport that was dying in Sweden in the 90’s began when Kalla won Tour de Ski in 2008 and interest continued when she took Gold in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics.

In Sweden’s first race at Bruksvallarna this week Kalla won as expected, but the real surprise was the 20 year old Sofia Henriksson who finished 2nd. Sofia has some pretty serious credentials: Two Gold and one Silver from the World Junior Championships. She beat Anna Haag and Emma Wiken, two of the women from the 2014 Olympic Gold winning relay team.


Good Technique makes the difference

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Good Technique is the Difference

Brett Rutlidge stopped by about two weeks ago to get some new wheels for his composite XL98’s. His visit is the reason for this story. Damage to roller skis is usually a result of newbie’s and their poor technique. On skate skis we have seen people edge so much that the pavement hitting the forks ground them to where they disintegrated. We never see abnormal wear on skis used by good skiers. Bill Knight weighs about 220 pounds and is over the weight limit for our roller skis, but he skis so smoothly that he has never broken or damaged a V2 roller ski. We have lots of examples of how good technique can make a difference, but think the best example is Brett Rutlidge and I am positive he does not mind me telling this story.


Lighter and Better Poles

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