Kris Freeman on the second generation XLQ roller skis.

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Our website has not been up to snuff for a long time. We finally have the latest software and hope to begin upgrading our website. Yesterday received the following e-mail from the 17 time US National Champion and the only North American skier to win the World Championship in the U23 Category in cross country skiing.

Hi Len,

I received the latest generation 900 series classic skis from you a few weeks ago.  I am really enjoying the new layup which seems to dampen vibration just as well as the previous model while having a livelier and more energetic feel.  The brake has also been a welcome addition as it has opened up new terrain and possible routes for me.  I have double poled up and over the Moosilaukee Highway in both directions now with no worries about the descent.  Thanks for the great product!  Kris Freeman  



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