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In June of 2014, you could buy a dollar with 33 Rubles. By December of 2014, 68.5 Rubles equaled 1 dollar. In just six months the cost of goods from United States had increased by more than 100%. I was sure our sales in Russia would disappear until the Russian economy recovered.


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For lubricating the arms on our Speed Reducers we recommend STAR PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) grease. This extremely low friction grease was developed for bike headsets, wheel hubs, bottom brackets, bearings and pedals. So how good is this lubricant compared to others? For decades the German Automobile Institute has been testing lubricants so they can make recommendations to the German auto manufacturers. They use a test method that is very simple and ingenious, but I will not bore you with the technical details of the test method. When the Institute tested the STAR grease it had the lowest coefficient of friction of any lubricant ever tested. In fact it was so much better than other lubricants we were told that they ran the test twice with the same outstanding results.


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In the fall of 2014 we added a rectangular aluminum washer to increase the torsional stiffness of the XLQ and XLA98 wheel forks. To further increase torsional, tensile and compressive strength we have now added carbon fibers to the Du Pont™ composite material. This makes the wheel forks about 3X stiffer while still absorbing road shock much better than roller skis with metal wheel forks. The latest composite forks with the carbon fiber can be identified by a three-digit number on the fender as shown in the picture below.


carbon fork




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The last time the World Championships were held in Falun was in 1993. I attended the 1993 Championships and interviewed Vladimir Smirnov for a magazine article. That was also the first time I met the well-known Swedish ski tuner Lars Svensson. My uncle was still alive in 1993 and I was fortunate enough to stay at his house, only a short drive from Falun.


Have been extremely busy and have not had a chance to analyze the results from 2015 until today. Instead of just looking at the medal results also read a lot of Swedish magazines to get some background information on some races where the results were somewhat unexpected. In the 10K free the Norwegians obviously missed the wax and in the men’s team sprint Sweden was in second place when the skier broke a pole and the team finished 9th. The most surprising result was United States getting both a Silver and Bronze medal in the 10K free where Charlotte Kalla was totally dominant winning by 41 seconds. Alex Harvey continues to impress. Whatever he and his coach Louis Bouchard are doing works while the other Canadian skiers are not doing very well. In all there were 36 XC medals. Here is the medal count by country. Norway totally dominated.


Norway 14, Sweden 9, US 2, Canada 2, (all by Harvey) France 2, Russia 2, Poland 1, Switzerland 1, Italy 1, Finland 1, Czechoslovakia 1. Germany not getting a single medal was very surprising and I expected the Russians to get at least four medals.


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Doug Garfield has wriiten a very good introductory article on roller skiing called STABLE AND CONFIDENT. It's under RESOURCES on the Index page, but you can also link to the book here by clicking on STABLE AND CONFIDENT.



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