Roller Skis (13)

Combi (3), Classic (5), Skate (5)

Gloves (2)

Ski Poles (2)

Nordixc (1)

Nordixc are a revolutionary product that allow you to classic roller ski without the specialized bindings and boots required on roller skis. Nordixc use a very simple strap style binding so all you need are athletic shoes and ski poles. Because both models have one front wheel and 2 rear wheels they are very stable and an ideal choice for beginners.

Speed Reducers (5)

ATRA (Advanced Training Resistance Aluminum) Speed Reducers have revolutionized the roller ski market by providing skiers with the ability to increase their resistance for training as well as providing a way to slow the ski down when negotiating moderate downhill’s.

Brakes (8)

The latest generation V2 brakes are lighter and stronger than ever and have both vertical and angular adjustments so they can be used with almost any binding position or boot size. The brakes can be folded down over the binding when not in use and when raised a spring-loaded plunger engages the brake so it can only move backward for braking while a high-tension spring keeps the brake in the upright position. Only one brake is required for each pair of skis.

Roller Ski Ferrules (3)

Roller Ski Ferrules take a real beating so we used the toughest Du Pont plastic and premium carbide steel tip making them stronger and more durable than any other brand.



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