XLQ900 Series

XLQ900 Series




The XLQ910 are very close to snow speed. Roller ski study in Sweden. The 920 are medium slow and the 930 are medium speed. The rolling resistance in the 910 free wheels is increased using our patented ISR (internal speed reducer) that weighs only 10 grams. The wheel forks with the built in fenders use the same strong Du Pont™ composite material that we have employed on the V2-900 series for many years.  See video of Kris Freeman on XLQ910: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giCZA531bWE&feature=youtu.be



Weight / pair: 1690 grams. (150 grams lighter than the previous carbon shaft skis.)

Wheelbase: 708mm.

Wheel Dimensions: 70mm X 40mm wide.

Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 82 shore A.

Bolts: 6X1X55mm forged 7075T6 aluminum and 6X1X65mm grade 12-9 steel bolts.

Optional Speed Reducer: ATRQ900

Optional Brake: BXLQ900

Replacement wheels: RW9 for the front ratchet wheel and W10, W20 or W30 for the rear wheels.





This is what Kris Freeman, four time Olympian and 17 times US National Champion, told Zach Caldwell.

 “After using the V2 composite shaft 910’s I don’t like to train on any other classic ski.”

Here is a review by elite skiers Carolyn and Santi Ocariz who skied across America on V2 rollers skisacross America

Below is another comment about our carbon composite ski. The new XLQ are even better.

"I am happy to report that I covered the entire 285 km, 3 day trek across Prince Edward Island aboard those XLC 910 roller skis I got from you this summer (Remember, this was a classic technique only event!) The smooth, comfortable ride over sometimes rough, pavement atop that carbon fiber platform is exemplary-highly recommended! The lower centre of gravity of the composite skis compared to the old aluminum chassis facilitates doing more diagonal stride..........which further enhances the similarity to snow skiing. Like the way they handle, too."
Paul Wright – November 2011
Paul Write at East Point, Prince Edward Island after completing his 3 day, 285 km roller ski across Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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