LIVIGNO WORLD CUP SPRINT RACES – January 21 & 22, 2023

LIVIGNO WORLD CUP SPRINT RACES – January 21 & 22, 2023

January 27, 2023

The US and Swedish women had excellent results in Livigno, Italy. This was Linn Svahn’s first World Cup race since her serious shoulder injury in February 2021. Jonna Sundling had some health problems in the beginning of the season, so this was her first World Cup race for the 2023 season.

Only the top six skiers from the quarter and semifinal qualification races can compete in the final race. Saturday’s final had racers from only three countries. Julia Kern from the US, Nadine Faehndrich from Switzerland and Jonna Sundling, Emma Ribom, Linn Svahn and Maja Dahlqvist from Sweden. Jonna finished first, Maja was second, Emma third, Nadine fourth, Linn fifth and Julia sixth.

Sunday was the day for the exciting 7.2 KM two-person relay format. Thirteen teams competed. The US number 1 team had Rosie Brennan and Julia Kern, two very strong skiers.

The winning team was Sweden II with Maja Dahlqvist and Linn Svahn, second was Sweden I with Jonna Sundling and Emma Ribom and third was United States I. The US team beat some powerful XC ski nations including Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Looks like the US women could do very well at the World Championships next month.