CA – Newport Beach

    Newport Beach / Back Bay bike Path: But by far the best route for training is the Newport Beach / Back Bay bike Path that starts somewhere near where I live, and I pick it up where it passes under Main St. heading West out of Irvine. The protected path runs South to the ocean, passing by the U of C Irvine campus and more or less ending in a Newport RV park (i.e. turning into not very good street paths). The path is six miles long of perfect new asphalt, changing to poured concrete under the bridges…some regularly scheduled leg technique is how I look at it. I recommend stopping where the trail enters the Back Bay (crossing under a bridge and turning left, with the Bay at your right). At this point there are two serious grade hazards approaching that are best left for something with brakes on it, and that ain’t you… *(unknown)

    *while Jenex manufactures brakes and speed reducers for every roller ski model we offer, we do recommend that you avoid serious declines.  Check the trail conditions ahead of time whenever possible, visit the trails on foot, by bicycle, or even by automobile if possible before you plan to head out on your roller skis.