CO – Colorado Springs

    Colorado Springs: In the Colorado Springs area the best place to roller ski is at the Garden of the Gods Park. This is a high Quality paved loop system that runs alongside the low speed auto tour route. The elevation is 6400 feet ( 1900 meters ). It is easy to put two 4 K each loops, all in reasonably hilly terrain that offers an excellent workout. The first loop is the scenic one way loop around the sandstone features of the park, the other loop T’s off this loop on the west side and heads towards Balanced Rock. To make a loop here head out toward Balanced Rock then turn left toward the west side visitor’s center.

    There is also a 10K paved pathway in Woodland Park that is very nice. Begin this trail about 2 miles north of town on Hwy 67 to avoid numerous driveways and road crossings. The path heads north to Manitiu Lake and offers flats, rolling hills and a mile long down uphill. – D. Harris