CO – Denver Area

    There are over 200 miles of recreational trails in the Denver area which can be used by rollerskiers. Trails are mostly cement. Some areas are fairly hilly, so if you have trouble slowing down check before you head down that hill.

    In the Thorton area, my particular favorite place is the S. Platte River trail. (it’s near my house ) I start at the 88th Avenue parking lot right by the public works garage at 88th and Colorado Boulevard. There is no water, but there are portajohns at the starting area. Go north to the end of the trail about 2.5 miles, double back by 88th Ave = approximately 7 miles. Trail is cement with some hills and wooden bridges. The bridges are OK as long as you are carrying enough speed. The boards tend to “catch” the wheels if you are going over too slowly. Oh yeah there is one spot where a gravel pit conveyor passes over the trail. Be VERY careful here as there can be a lot of those nasty little round stones that can jam your wheels and give you a major face plant… which is not fun on cement. There are some bikers and some rollerbladers and runners with the occasional usually friendly dog. Generally, the area is empty except for Sunday around noon when everybody in Denver seems to be there!!! The area is fairly shielded from the wind, we get a lot of that in Denver. The trail runs North to South with most of the wind coming from the West.

    There is also another circular cement path at the Thorton Recreation Center on Colorado Boulevard. The trail is about 3/4 mile around and nearly flat with one short little hill at the back end. Generally the trail is not busy, and it looks like they might be adding lights.
    South of Denver near Highlands Ranch is the Cherry Creek reservoir trail …about 10 miles around. Some hills and occasionally a lot of bikes. Better to start early in the AM. -B. Johnson