Aero XL150RC Classic and XL150RCN


Our most stable pneumatic wheel ski.  An excellent choice for a safe workout!

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The V2 Aero roller skis are the most versatile roller skis available. The large diameter pneumatic wheels can be used on surfaces where it’s impossible to roller ski on smaller diameter solid wheels. The skis can be used on dirt roads, limestone bicycle paths, chip seal pavement and on grass. On normal pavement the pneumatic tires provide an extremely smooth ride.

Many users consider the Aero safer as they will roll over debris that can stop smaller wheels. Another major benefit is that the Speed Reducers on pneumatic tires are much more effective than when used on solid rubber wheels. Because the Speed Reducers are so effective on the Aero the skis have become popular in very hilly or mountainous terrain.

Our three-wheeled classic models, with a rear wheel base of 4.75” (120mm) provide excellent stability.


The rear wheels on the V2-XL150RC are mounted to the outside of the wheel fork using a 150mm long rear wheel bolt. The XL150RC3 includes a kit with two additional 110mm long bolts and extra washers. With the modification kit the standard wide wheel XL150RC can easily be converted to the Generation3 narrower wheel XL150RCN. The photo depicts the rear wheels on the XL150RC and the XL150RCN.

To make the XL150RC into a narrower three-wheel XLN150RC, the 150mm bolt is removed and replaced by the 110mm bolt. One wheel is placed between the rear wheel forks (like on models XL150S and XL150SC). The second wheel is moved to the outside of the wheel fork using the small 7mm aluminum wheel spacer (already provided on the XL150RC).   The 7mm spacer is located between the 2 rear wheels on the XL150RC.  It is used along with a longer aluminum spacer on the XL150RC to provide fork rigidity when both wheels are mounted outside the wheel fork.

The standard wide wheel XL150RC is very stable, but with the rear wheels being so far apart it is more difficult to make turns. When diagonal striding on the two-wheel XL150SC the user must have exceptional balance to use the skis without the optional Outrigger and most who purchase the XL150SC purchase an Outrigger wheel to make the ski more stable. Even with the Outrigger installed the XL150SC is easier to maneuver on downhill turns than the XL150RC.

When striding and the roller ski tilts inward the skier can usually maintain balance but when the ski tilts outward it’s much harder to balance. With the new XL150RCN one wheel is mounted on the outside of the wheel fork and acts like a large Outrigger wheel, reducing the chance of the ski tilting to the outside. For a novice skier learning to balance on roller skis, it is easier to start with the XL150RC with the very wide and stable rear wheels. When the user become more proficient, the XL150RC can be easily converted to the more agile XL150RCN.

The brake for the XL150RCN is the same as for the XL150S and XL150SC, braking on the wheel that is mounted inside the wheel fork.

WEIGHT LIMIT 195lb (88kg)

Heavy Duty version available for skiers 196-230lb (89-104kg)  ($619)

Specifications: (XL150RC)

Wheelbase: 740mm / 28.87”

Weight per pair: 3185g / 7lb

Ground Clearance: 31m

Wheel Diameter: 150mm

Wheel Width: 31mm / 1.2 inches

Rear Wheel Base: 120mm / 4.75 inches


Optional Speed Reducer:  ATR150XL

Optional Brake: BXL150RC

Replacement Wheels: Front:  W150C     Rear:    W150RC

Replacement Tube:  W150TB

Replacement Tire:  W150TR

Shock Pump:  Recommended to inflate all V2 Aero tubes/wheels

V2 Tire Station– Aids in changing tubes and tires

V2-AQUASEAL: use to repair leaks in tubes and strengthen area around the tube’s valve stem

Our V2 ROLLER SKI GLOVES offer excellent protection !






Weight per pair:2800g/6.16 pounds

Ground Clearance:25mm rear/31 mm front

Wheel Diameter:150mm front/150mm rear

Wheel Width: 31mm/1.2 inches