The all terrain adventure ski that you can use almost anywhere

The large pneumatic tires provide an exceptionally smooth ride

The patented Brake  and Speed Reducers  are standard

The three wheels make the ski very stable

No Ski Boots required!



Like the last generation Nordixc, the new NX-XL150RC is based on the stable V2XL150RC roller skis that have become so popular for world roller ski adventurers. What makes the NX-XL150RC-EZ so much better than previous Nordixc models is the new EZC binding system, that feels like a good ski boot in a classic ski binding. The NX-XL150RC comes standard with the proven Speed Reducers and Brake. Also included is an instructional video, Becoming a Better Skier.

On V2 Aero roller skis, Carolyn and Santi Ocariz skied across the US from South Carolina to San Francisco (Read about their trip in the Gear Review). Phil Shaw skied from the Atlantic in Canada to Vancouver, and Alex Nilsson skied from Vancouver to Newfoundland. Skiers have crossed Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland and skied from the boot of Italy to the top of Norway on the V2 Aero roller skis. Skiers in over 30 countries have used the V2 Aero’s on surfaces that were impossible to cover without pneumatic tire roller skis, speed reducers and brakes. When Champion biathlete Raimonds Dombrovskis decided, in 2014, to re-enact his epic  1989 journey  when he skied from the northernmost city in Canada to the Mexican border, he decided to use V2 Aero roller skis for non-paved surfaces. Raimonds lives in Latvia and is a huge fan of the V2 Aero roller skis.

There have been many incredible ventures on V2Aero roller skis, but one of the most impressive was Alex Nilsson celebrating his 70thbirthday by skiing from Vancouver in Canada to St. John’s in Newfoundland. He roller skied 6,800 kilometers and averaged 80 kilometers a day. Alex used three different pair of V2 roller skis, but he spent most of his time on the Aero 150 RC.

The EZC Binding System – The toe and heel supports are fastened to the pivotal foot platform providing a monolithic unit with exceptional lateral stability. Six neoprene rubber bands increase tension as the foot is elevated and makes the EZC binding replicate a ski boot compressing a classic binding plug. The binding system is designed to accommodate a variety of different shoes. We have tried many brands including Nike, Adidas, Asics, Reebok, Salomon and Hoka One One . The primary adjustment for different shoe sizes is the movable structure that holds the pivotal platform and toe support. The secondary adjustment is the movable heel support. The third adjustment is the foot platform, but it only needs to be moved for very small or very large feet and is done by moving the platform on the front toe support. In order to activate the brake on V2 roller skis the heel of the shoe must be reasonably close to the brake system. This means that in order to accommodate both small and large shoe sizes the binding pivot under the toe has to be movable, just like you move a standard ski binding for different foot sizes. 

The new NX-XL150RC-EZ is not a Dealer item and can only be purchased directly from Jenex.

Our DVD , “Becoming a Better Skier”, is included with our NordiXC packages


 Includes the ski with binding system, speed reducers, brake, our shock pump and DVD


 Includes the ski with binding system, speed reducers, brake,  our shock pump,  aluminum Nordixc poles (sizes 135-150 only) and DVD


Includes the ski with binding system, speed reducers, brake, our shock pump,  our Carbon Poles (cut to any size)  and DVD  

(Our 4th generation Vasa poles have new competition grips and the best roller ski ferrules on the market.)

” We consider V2 ferrules to be hands down the best ferrules on the market. Over the entire duration of the trip, we only broke one tip. The only reason it broke is because I ran straight into it with the roller-ski while it was planted in the ground. We have yet to find another brand of ferrule that matches up to V2’s”–Santi Ocariz