July 9, 2018
July 9, 2018


The V2-XL58 Ski Pole System


The V2-XL58 Ski Pole System

THE SHAFT: Many years ago we designed a ski pole shaft called the Vasa that weighed just 58 grams per meter. A European Dealer, who purchased 500 pair, told us that hardly anyone broke a Vasa pole and Sierra Nordic in California, who purchased several hundred pair, said the same thing. Over the years we made about 5,000 pair and they just last and last and last. The shaft is made by one of the world’s premier composite companies. Since V2 Jenex had not designed a competition grip, strap or basket many customers purchased only the shafts. In 2012 We decided to develop a competition Grip, Strap and Basket.

THE GRIP: Using the world’s most advanced software program for plastic parts we designed the new grip. We wanted a lighter, but stronger grip. We weighed the grips and straps of the top selling racing poles and our computer analysis showed that our grip and strap could weigh 20 grams less. Twenty grams is a lot when you could be lifting the pole some 8,000 times in a 50K race. Everybody touts the shaft weight per meter, but it’s the total weight of the pole that matters. So if you want a better pole, buy our grip and strap system.

In order to “feel” the design you need to make a 3D model. Using a professional 3D printer we produced samples in ABS plastic. We then had users with both small and large hands feel the grips and made modifications as required. After a number of 3D models we had a design that felt comfortable for both large and small hands and the computer analysis showed that it was extremely light and strong.

THE STRAP SYSTEM: Competition straps are made in different sizes, usually Large, Medium and Small. We made fifteen different designs and a local seamstress produced the straps for us. The strap that goes between the Index finger and thumb is horizontally adjustable along the wrist strap so that one size strap fits large, medium and small hands. We had a pre-production lot made for testing and everyone that tried them liked the system. (Patent Pending)

THE BASKET: We designed a simple lightweight basket and made models using the 3D printer. After we were satisfied with the design we had a local New Hampshire Company build the production mold. The basket is made of Du Pont’s™ toughest cold temperature material. In the winter of 2013 a number of skiers tested the baskets in all kinds of snow conditions.

THE RESULT? A grip and basket with exceptional performance that is strong and light. The retail price for the grip and strap is only $29.00 and a pair of  baskets with outstanding performane in all snow conditions is only $17.00.

MADE IN CHINA: Virtually all-major brand poles have all components made in China. The V2-XL58 pole system has 4 components made in the United States, 1 part is made in the U.K. and the rest are made in Taiwan.

V2 NORDIXC ALULITE: These aluminum poles are light and equipped with a comfortable plastic grip and come standard with carbide roller ski tips for  use on asphalt and dirt surfaces.  This is a quality aluminum pole at a very low price.

These poles are now on sale at the exceptional price of just $16.00 plus shipping. The only sizes available are 135cm, 140cm, 145cm and 150cm.