The strongest ferrule on the market!

V2 has a worldwide reputation for good roller ski ferrules. Roller Ski Ferrules take a real beating so we used the toughest Du Pont plastic and premium carbide steel tip making them stronger and more durable than any other brand. The black colored housing fist 9 to 11mm poles, the yellow fits 7 and 8mm poles.  Be it our classic carbide tips, or our dampening spring-loaded tips that give you a snow like feel while reducing the risk of elbow and shoulder injury, V2 Ferrules are the best you can get.

“We consider V2 ferrules to be hands down the best ferrules on the market. Over the entire duration of the trip, we only broke one tip. The only reason it broke is because I ran straight into it with the roller-ski while it was planted in the ground. We have yet to find another brand of ferrule that matches up to V2’s.”  – Carolyn and Santi Ocariz after skiing 3500 miles across the country.

Assemble using a low melt glue stick.  We use a heat gun to melt the stick a bit, then rub the melted glue onto the ski pole and attach the ferrule.

To remove, use a heat gun to loosen the glue, or dip pole/ferrule in a cup of boiling water to loosen the glue.

Keep your ferrules sharpened with one of our Diamond Stone Sharpening Files