A favorite rilling system of many top skiers.

COMPLETE SYSTEM comes with our Riller Handle System and 4 riller drums.

The V2 Riller tools are designed for professional ski tuning. The drums are 45mm in diameter and weigh 500 grams (1.1lbs) and are the largest and heaviest on the market. Rillers that cut the pattern into the ski base produce hairs, and to remove the pattern produced by cut-in style rillers, the skis must be steel scraped. The V2 riller presses the patterns so the rills can be removed by hot waxing and plastic scraping the ski. A pressed in rill pattern is much faster than a cut pattern.

There are four riller drums. Two interrupted patterns, Medium and Coarse and two linear in Medium and Coarse. Each drum has two ball bearings for precise control when rilling. The V2 system can be used for all snow conditions except for newly fallen very cold snow when you want a very fine structure. Rilling can be done directly over steel scraped skis or over a stone ground pattern. For the rillers to work properly, the polyethylene base must be in good shape, not hard and oxidized. If the base is hard, steel scrape until you encounter softer polyethylene. If you go to RESOURCES you will find an INSTRUCTION SHEET for using the rillers. The table shows what riller to use for different snow conditions. Many have called or written us and said that after rilling their skis were much faster.

Sarah Konrad is an incredible athlete who competed in both Biathlon and XC at the 2006 Olympics and had the best XC results of any US skier. She has found the riller to be equally impressive. This is what she e-mailed us.

“Conditions at Royal Gorge were not typical so I did not need the big structure for slush. But, since I had the V2 riller I prepped an extra pair of the steel scraped skis with the Medium Interrupted structure. When I tested my skis race morning this one ended up being the best, better than the Z40 grind & a European grind that I have found to be good in these conditions. Interesting! “


Lars Svensson has been using V2 rillers since they were first introduced.  He said he had tried most and none were as good as the V2 riller. He has used V2 rillers at several Olympics. According to Lars, without a riller, a skier would have to have so many skis and so many different grinds it would be logistically impossible to lug so many skis around.

Lars told us that at the Olympics he was rilling skis for many National Teams, not just for  Sweden. Since every team has rillers I asked Lars why he was rilling for the other teams. Lars told me the V2 riller made the skis  faster than any other riller they tried.  He felt it was an unfair advantage to limit the V2 riller to just Sweden and the other team he had ski tuning contracts with.

This was not the first time we have heard similar stories. At one New England race Jim Rodriguez told me former Olympian Dorcas Wonsavage had doggedly slow skis. Just before the start, Jim grabbed Dorca’s skis and put the V2 medium interrupted pattern on her skis. She could not believe the difference and ended up winning the race.