V2 Turnamic Binding Adapter




We know, from making roller skis for thirty years, that tracking problems can often be traced back to misaligned bindings.This is one of the reasons why V2 roller skis have a wheel tracking adjustment. Roller skis require more accurate binding alignment than snow skis and sometimes, even with a binding jig, the insertion of the screws can cause the binding to move slightly out of alignment with the ski shaft. To ensure that the bindings are aligned with the shaft, the V2-BA adapter has side flanges that precisely fit the sidewalls of the roller ski.

BA1 fits XLC models

BA2 fits  XLA models

 BA3 fits  Aero skis models

The most unique feature of the V2 Generation 4 Turnamic® adapter is that the binding can be moved to accommodate boot sizes from women US5 (E35) to men US14 (E50) without the customer or the ski shop having to drill a single hole. Industrial grade threaded steel inserts in the adapter plate match the screw holes in the Turnamic® binding. The binding is secured to the adapter plate with vibration proof adhesive tape and five screws with a thread-locker. A high tensile strength steel bolt goes through the sidewalls of the ski shaft and engages the adapter on both side flanges. The bolt is located lengthwise along the shaft for a boot size of approximately US 9 (E43). By removing the cross bolt, the binding can be moved forward 45mm and backward 36mm, in increments of 9mm. V2 roller ski shafts come in three different widths, and the adapters guarantee perfect binding alignment with each shaft. For youngsters who are still growing, the adapter is perfect. When the binding needs be moved it can be done by removing the cross bolt and re-positioning the binding. The adapter is extremely light, weighing only a small fraction of the weight of the binding. The heel stabilizer adapter also has side flanges and is held in place with very high bond strength acrylic adhesive tape and retention screws that do not require drilling a hole.


An extremely important benefit of the Generation4 adapter is that before fastening the binding permanently* the skier can try the skis with the binding in different positions to find the preferred location. When the skier has found the “sweet spot” the binding can be permanently* secured. The cross bolt is removed, and the release liner pulled from the acrylic adhesive tape on the bottom of the adapter. Insert the cross bolt in the preferred position and press the binding-adapter firmly to the ski. Tighten the bolt and you have an extremely secure, yet movable, binding system.

The binding adapter makes mounting bindings a hassle-free project and there are no screw holes in the top of the shaft. Since maximum fiber stress is at the top and the bottom of the shaft, not having screw holes in the top makes the ski more durable. The cross bolt for the adapter is near the neutral axis and fiber stress is very low. V2 roller skis can be purchased with the Turnamic® binding and adapter by adding BAS for skate or BAC for classic to the roller ski designation. (EX: V2-XLA930BAC or V2-XLC98 BAS)

With the many advantages and low cost of the binding and adapter system anyone using NNN boots will benefit by ordering the V2 roller skis with the BA system.

*Permanent does not mean the binding can’t be repositioned. By removing the cross bolt and prying up the adapter with a screwdriver the adapter is released from the adhesive and the binding can be repositioned.


$139 includes adapter AND Turnamic Binding