V58TP Travel Pole


Two part pole for compact travel!  New low price

Same great Vasa Racing Pole available as a two-part travel pole!

For years, skiers who travel often asked us to develop a ski pole that they could fit in their airline travel bag. Our initial attempts were either too heavy or the pole did not flex properly. In 2020 we developed a system that does not affect the natural flex of the pole, and increases the weight by less than 20 grams. We cut the pole where the internal diameter is consistent, and epoxy bond two lightweight aluminum inserts to the inside of the pole. One insert has female threads and the other a threaded male stud. Both the female and male inserts are serrated at the interface, so they lock when tightened. A rubber ring, set into a groove, compresses when fully threaded and prevents separation from vibration. When in two sections, the longest portion of a 170 cm pole is 88cm.(34.6”)

The poles can be purchased cut to any length up to 170cm. They can be supplied with standard roller ski ferrules, our Generation3 spring loaded ferrule or our snow baskets. You can also order the travel poles with our standard competition grips or conventional touring grips.