98 Series Replacement Wheels

Complete Replacement wheel for the XLA98 XLC98, XLK98, XLQ98 as well as older XL98 model roller skis

24mm Wide x 100mm Diameter

Complete Replacement wheel for the XLA98, XLC98, XLK98, and XLQ98 series roller skis, as well as older models; XL98RM, XL98RS, XL98SL, XLC98 and XL98RC (rear only).

The W98RF is our fastest wheel (15% faster than W98RM)  $34

The W98RM is our medium speed wheel   $34

The W98RS uses our patented internal speed reducer that makes it about 15% slower than the Medium.  $37

The speed on the 98 model skis can be varied by using different combinations of our 98 series wheels.