98 Series Replacement Wheels

Complete Replacement wheel for the XLA98 XLC98, XLK98, XLQ98 as well as older XL98 model roller skis

Complete Replacement wheel for the XLA98, XLC98, XLK98, and XLQ98 series roller skis, as well as older models; XL98RM, XL98RS, XL98SL, XLC98 and XL98RC (rear only).

The W98RF is our fastest wheel (15% faster than W98RM)  $34

The W98RM is our medium speed wheel   $34

The W98RS uses our patented internal speed reducer that makes it about 15% slower than the Medium.  $37

The speed on the 98 model skis can be varied by using different combinations of our 98 series wheels.