Complete rear free wheel and front clutch wheels for the XL9848 Series Roller Skies.

48mm Wide x 98mm Diameter

W9848C Front Clutch Wheel    $53.00

W9948RM medium Speed rear free wheel     $38.00

W9848RS Slow Speed rear free wheel  features two of our patented ISR (Internal Speed Reducer) to significantly slow the wheel for a more snow-like workout.   $43.00

Dual density wheels absorb more road vibration

The outside layer is the same hardness and durability of the traditional W9848, while the soft inner core absorbs vibration.

W9848C-DD Front Clutch wheel      $58.00

W9848M-DD  Back medium speed wheel   $46.00

W9848S-DD  Back Slow Speed Wheel     $48.00