XLA940C Combi
July 9, 2018
Aero XL150RC Classic
July 9, 2018

XLK940C Composite Shaft Combi Ski


A low-profile, stable combi ski….



The XLK940C is a very popular combi ski.  The 33mm wide front ratchet wheel allows for better skating characteristics, while the 40mm wide classic rear wheel increases stability. The composite shaft for the roller skis is made with six different materials. All six materials have exceptional vibration damping properties and three of the materials provide high strength and fatigue resistance. The foundation for the XLK is a precision lightweight core that is wrapped with several layers of unidirectional fibers with tensile strength equal to carbon fibers, but with better vibration damping properties. We chose Kevlar™ for the biaxial sleeve due to its exceptional tensile strength and tenacity. The epoxy we use to bond the fibers to each other and to the core is 3X stronger than conventional epoxy. The Kevlar™ is protected from UV degradation by a 0.25mm thick polymer applied over the fibers and UV resistant epoxy.  The wheel forks with the built in fenders use the same strong DuPont™ composite material that we have employed on the V2-900 series for many  years.


Weight / pair: 1830 grams/4lb

Wheelbase: 708 mm. ( 27.9 “)

Wheel Dimensions:       Front 70mm diameter x 33mm wide (2.75 in  x  1.3 in)

Rear:  70mm diameter X 41mm wide (2.75 in x 1.6 in)

Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 72 shore A.

Bolts: 6 X 1 X 65mm grade 12-9 stainless steel bolts.

Optional Speed Reducer: ATRQ900

Optional Brake: BXLQ900

Replacement wheels:    Front:  W83C ratchet wheel

Rear- W30



  • Weight / pair: 1680 grams. (150 grams lighter than the previous carbon shaft skis.)
  • Wheelbase: 708mm
  • Wheel Dimensions: Rear wheel 70mm X 40mm wide and front ratchet wheel 70mm X 33mm wide.
  • Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 82 shore A.