XLK9848 Composite Shaft Classic Series


A very stable classic ski for rough terrain like packed dirt roads…


THE   XLK9848

The XLA9848 and the XLK9848 are the latest versions of the popular V2 Terra Ski.  The Terra was a favorite of Olympic Champion Kristina Smigun as well as several Russian National Ski Team skiers.

The composite shaft for the XLK9848 Series roller skis is made with several different materials used in combination to provide high strength and fatigue resistance. The foundation for the XLK is a precision lightweight core  with exceptional vibration damping properties, wrapped with several layers of unidirectional fibers and biaxial fibers. The biaxial aramid fibers (Kevlar™ ) have very high tensile strength and are extremely tenacious compared to carbon.  Aramid also has better vibration damping properties than carbon, but carbon has a higher modulus and compressive strength, so in our latest XLK models we have added 25% carbon to the outer biaxial fabric.  The unidirectional fibers provide most of the strength.  For an optimal combination of torsion and tensile strength, the  biaxial fibers have a nominal weave angle of 25°.  The UV resistant epoxy we use to bond the fibers has a tensile strength greater than any other known epoxy.  The fiber/epoxy structure is protected with a strong UV resistant .25mm thick clear polymer.

An outside supplier manufactures the precise core, but Jenex manufactures the critical composite structure that provides the strength and fatigue resistance.  All composite shafts are compression tested and every pair of shafts with the same serial number has equal deflection.

The forks are made from aluminum and protected by a clear anodic coating. The wide 98mm wheels make them an excellent choice for non-paved surfaces and chip sealed roads. The wide wheel  makes them the most stable of our two-wheeled classic skis. The XLK9848 is now available in two speeds: medium and slow.  The rolling resistance in the 9848 slow free wheels is increased using two of our patented ISR (internal speed reducer), each weighing only 10 grams.

We now offer dual-density wheels for the 9848 models. The inner core of the dual-density wheel is soft, to help absorb vibration. The outer portion of the wheel is the same durable rubber as our standard W9848.

Available models:

XLK9848M – Front Ratchet Wheel:  W9848C     Rear Free Wheel:  W9848M

XLK9848S –  Front Ratchet Wheel:  W9848C      Rear Free Wheel:  W9848S

XLK9848M-DD– Front Ratchet Wheel: W9848C-DD        Rear Free Wheel: W9848M-DD    ($479.00/PR)

XLK9848S-DD  – Front Ratchet Wheel: W9848C-DD      Rear Free Wheel: W9848S-DD    ($479.00/PR)


Weight / pair: 2740 grams (6.03 lb)

Wheelbase: 749 mm (29.48 in)

Wheel Dimensions: 98 mm diameter X 48 mm wide (3.85in x 1.89 in)

Wheel Hub: The custom hub is made of aluminum and designed by Jenex.

Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 82 shore A.

Bolts: 6 x 1 x 55mm zinc-plated steel bolts

Optional Speed Reducer:  ATR48

Optional Brake:  BXL150

Optional Fender:  F48

Replacement wheelsW9848M Medium-Speed Wheel    W9848S Slow Wheel    W9848C  Ratchet Wheel





Weight / pair: 2550 grams. (200 grams lighter than the previous carbon shaft skis.)

Wheelbase: 749mm

Wheel Dimensions: 98mm X 48mm wide.

Wheel Hub: The custom hub is made of aluminum and is designed by Jenex.

Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 72 shore A.

Wheel Forks are designed so that tracking can easily be adjusted.

Bolts: Forged 6X1X55mm in 7075T6 aluminum and grade 12-9 steel bolts.

Optional Speed Reducer: ATR9848

Optional Brake: B150XL