AK – Fairbanks

    In Fairbanks the best place to ski is Murphy Dome Road. Drive on the road, and about 1/10 mile before the road becomes dirt there is a pull off on the right. Park there and ski back on the pavement. There is no bike path or shoulder, but there is relatively little traffic and people are used to seeing skiers, and generally pull way over to give skiers plenty of room. Never- the- less use extreme caution. The road has varying slopes and turns, mostly long gradual up and down hills, a few shorter and steeper hills, and very few turns. Nathan Adams

    Besides Murphy Dome, try Gold Hill Road or Sheep Creek Road for gradual terrain. And for the monsters out there, a great three- hour ski leaves UAF and travels out Goldhill Road to Ester. You then have your choice of going up the Old Nenana Hwy. or straight up the Parks Hwy (a six -mile uphill). I recommend coming down the parks as it is straight and gentle enough that your skis don’t run away on you. Brian Charlton, West Valley Ski Team Coach

    Another good spot in Fairbanks… Isberg and Cripple Creek Roads have new asphalt and great terrain for roller skiing. Moderate traffic and the 4th notch on the V2 Aero Speed Reducer will give you control on the down hills. Good place for a 20K workout with varied terrain. J.J.